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Learning a language is a rich experience. It is an intellectual, social, cultural and human adventure — a voyage of discovery. We offer a dynamic approach that will help you learn a variety of languages from around the world, including French, and even a way to improve English skills for those of you who do not include it as your first language. If you have a particular interest in learning French or improving your French skills, we have several great options for you. Our language programs offer more than just courses. They open the door to economic and cultural opportunities and set the stage for an unforgettable life experience! Shape your perception of the global village and enhance your life and travels with some language courses.

Learning French

Welcome to our French Language programs! Our non-credit classes are open to the general public and no formal educational prerequisite or previous knowledge of the language is necessary. Whether you are a part-time or a full-time student, professional, retired or stay-at-home parent, our programs offer:

French Language Classes and Programs

Learn French at a level that is comfortable for you and gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself in a friendly, supportive learning atmosphere. You will discover that learning French is fun! We will assess you before you start and make sure you enter at the right level.

You have the flexibility to take a single course, work through the full diploma program, or simply enjoy a French Conversation class. We have French language classes to suit most people’s schedules and goals.  

If you are a parent you may also want to take a look at our summer program for French Immersion children (Grade 1 to Grade 4) — a fun-filled immersion experience they will remember!

World Language Courses

We offer non-intensive 10-week language courses at various levels. Classes normally take place once a week for two hours, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, with an experienced instructor (many are native speakers). All our courses are non-credit and are open to any adult.

We offer a wide choice of language courses from regions such as Latin America, Scandinavia, Central Europe, the Arab world and the Far East — visit our World Language Courses page for our current offerings. Some of our most popular courses are Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin.

English Language Courses and Programs

If English is not your first language or if you have recently made Canada your home and want to improve your English skills, our English Language Centre (ELC) can help you. Students from all over the world learn English at the ELC.

Indigenous Language and Culture

British Columbia is home to 60 per cent of Canada’s indigenous languages so it’s natural that we should have an interest in learning more about them and helping to keep them alive. The Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization is an award-winning and accessible program designed to strengthen your understanding of language loss, maintenance and recovery, and develop strategies for language revitalization within communities.

Courses can also be taken on an individual basis — see what’s currently available:

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