Fine Art Education

Art education can enrich life.  Shape your understanding and experience of the arts through fascinating arts courses in visual arts, history in art, music, theatre, writing and literature. Hands-on courses at the beginner level are complemented by progressively structured courses that allow you to become completely absorbed in a particular aspect of fine art or an area of special interest. A Diploma in Fine Arts is also available that offers you credit courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Arts Courses

The Arts includes a wide range of interesting possibilities for creative appreciation and exploration. Each term we offer courses in art history, the visual arts (including photography) and music appreciation, as well as writing courses and theatre courses. You will learn with instructors who are knowledgeable, accomplished and passionate about their areas of expertise. You’ll also enjoy meeting and learning with other people who share your interest.

Our art history courses can range from architecture to industrial design to world heritage. Music courses include opportunities to sing and improve your vocal technique, as well as enhancing your capacity for music appreciation from the classical repertoire to opera, modern musicals and even the history of Rock and Roll. Visual arts will take you from learning to draw, experimenting with watercolour or printmaking, to the various uses of photography. Our writing courses will allow you to develop your skills in creative writing or simply learn more about a favourite author or genre.

We’re always adding new things and you’ll always find an interesting mix of arts courses with which to shape your enjoyment of the arts and your own creative expression.
Explore our currently offered courses on our Art Courses page.

Fine Arts Diploma Program

UPDATE: Please be aware that we are no longer accepting applications for the Fine Arts Diploma program. The undergraduate Fine Arts Diploma program is currently being phased out.

The fine arts program will enrich the quality of our lives and our shared experience. Engaging with the arts feeds the soul; it helps us understand the world around us, challenges and affirms our ideas and values, encourages creativity and new perspectives, and brings us together as communities. Through a rich program of interdisciplinary studies you can pursue interests in such diverse areas as music, theatre, writing, modern art, abstract art and contemporary art as well as Aboriginal art and art history. If the opportunity to explore and build your understanding of the fascinating world of fine art appeals to you, consider the Fine Arts Diploma Program, offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts in cooperation with the Division of Continuing Studies.

This flexible, interdisciplinary credit program allows you to participate on a part- or full-time basis in a variety of regular day and evening lecture courses offered through the Faculty of Fine Arts and the dynamic departments of Visual Arts, Writing, History in Art, Theatre and Music.

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