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Health Education and Safety Training

Enhance your personal and professional growth with our health education, wellness courses and safety training programs. We offer a wide range of health education courses that will shape your career as a health and helping professional, a safety professional, or simply as someone who values more knowledge about health issues and wellness.

Some of our courses and programs are offered online (distance), and others are made available evenings and weekends to fit your busy schedule. Our advisory committee of professionals and academic representatives helps ensure that you'll be receiving up-to-date information across a wide variety of health education and safety training topics.

Start shaping your knowledge about health and your approach to wellness today with informative and wide-ranging courses!

Health and Safety Training

Safety training is an issue that is constantly in the news and touches many aspects of our lives and work. This distance education program is for people who are working in the fields of environment, health, or related occupations who want to improve their skills in a particular area or develop a new career path.

Certificate Program in Environmental & Occupational Health

Whether you're already working in the field and want to specialize in environmental health or are looking for a career in a rapidly expanding field, this program focuses on the latest dynamics of the health needs of employees in the workplace and the impact of the workplace on the environment.

Health Courses and Wellness Programs

Everyone can benefit from more knowledge about health and general wellness.

Health Education for the General Public

General health and health enhancement courses provide an opportunity for you to experience a wide variety of conventional and complementary health and wellness practices, blending traditional with non-traditional methods.

Understanding aspects of wellness more fully will shape who you are and your positive engagement with life. Explore the complete list of current courses on the General Health Courses page.

Health Programs for Health and Helping Professionals

We offer a variety of health courses and health programs aimed specifically at health and helping professionals. On campus courses include those addressing current research and development and new treatment methodologies in health care, as well as annual dental continuing education for dental professionals.

Our distance education courses include specialized courses in wound management and fall prevention.

Visit the Health and Helping Professionals Courses page for a complete list of current courses and programs designed to keep your work in good shape.

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