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Congratulations to our Distinguished Alumni Award winner Eric Akis

Erik AkisEric Akis has been food writer for the Times Colonist since 1997 and his columns have been published in newspapers across Canada. He is a trained chef and pastry chef, and worked for 15 years in fine hotels, restaurants and other food operations before becoming a journalist.

Akis received a Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Victoria in 1996 and has run a food consulting business for the past 16 years. His principal client is Thrifty Foods.

In 2003, his experiences as a chef and food writer inspired him to create the bestselling Everyone Can Cook cookbook series, which now has seven titles, including his last book, Everyone Can Cook Everything.

UVic Alumni Week 2014 runs from February 2 to 8.


iPad mini winners

The three lucky winners of our iPad Mini promotion received their prizes in December. Pictured above are (left to right) Richard Rush, Director, Community and Professional Programs with Dimitri De Morea and Barbara Sabiston; and Tania Muir, Director Cultural Management Programs.

iPad mini winners The third winner, Gerri Van Amelsfoort, shows off her new iPad Mini from her home in Powasson, Ontario.

The draw was part of Continuing Studies promotional activities leading up to the publication of the new Spring 2014 Continuing Studies Calendar. We thank everyone who took part in the promotion.

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12/3 Orientalism: Impressions of the Arab World through Western Eyes
12/5 Contemporary Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy Workshop
12/8 In Pursuit of Knowledge: Fall Term
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