Intercultural Education


Intercultural Education Diploma Program

Social change — the way you see the world

Expand your horizons with the Diploma in Intercultural Education. It’s a program designed to engage you in a wide range of current issues, including:

This interdisciplinary diploma program sets out how you can support all aspects of cultural diversity, inclusion and social change in your community, your workplace and around the world.

The program aims to develop your sense of social justice and gain recognition of the plurality of values, belief systems and spiritual beliefs and practices that contribute to visions of a just world.

Throughout the IE program and its component courses you will develop skills to help facilitate intercultural communication and relationships, and assist in reducing conflict and inequality.

Who should participate?

We welcome participants from varied backgrounds including those currently involved in professional and volunteer roles who are seeking to develop their understanding of, or people who would simply like to increase their knowledge and understanding of current social and culturally related issues.

The program is also a great choice for current UVic students who would like to complete a concurrent diploma option with their undergraduate degree.

If you are completing a degree in the Faculties of Fine Arts, Humanities, Human and Social Development, Business, Social Science, or Education you can explore the possibility of partnering the Intercultural Education Diploma with your undergraduate course work and applying course credit towards both programs.

Shape the way you see the world and start to reshape the way the world works — one course at a time!

Intercultural communication and education

Through the Intercultural Education program, we offer courses that will strengthen your understanding of the issues connected withintercultural relations and social justice, and help you develop knowledge and skills to strengthen relationships and facilitate ross-cultural communication in your workplace, local community or international settings.

You can take individual courses that will enhance your awareness of the issues concerning cultural diversity—including conflict, racism, and ethnocentrism—and learn approaches to their resolution. You will develop, practice and apply strategies that foster respect and promote inclusion.

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