Humanities, History, Contemporary Issues


Humanities, History and Contemporary Issues

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? In an increasingly complex world, humanities courses can help you ponder these big questions within cultural and historical contexts. Expand on your own life experience and perspectives as you search for new knowledge and ideas to shape your view of our changing world.

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History Courses

They say those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. By studying the paths that led societies to their current circumstances, we can learn how to move forward into the future. Our history courses and workshops cover a wide range of topics, from the local history of Victoria and Vancouver Island to Medieval studies, anthropology and the study of lost civilizations.

Philosophy Courses

Continue your pursuit of wisdom with philosophy courses. Whether it is investigating the nature of happiness or the foundations of logic, philosophy asks us to use our powers of reason to answer the most significant questions about our existence.

Current Events, Political Topics and Contemporary Issues

There’s more than one side to every issue, especially issues with global repercussions. Explore some of the biggest, most complex issues facing today’s society—like politics, terrorism and global relations—through the lens of diverse cultural, religious and sociological factors.

Humanities Diploma Program

If you are thinking of returning to academic studies, the Humanities Diploma Program offers a unique way to earn university credit courses. The program is designed primarily for non-traditional, mature students who want to study the humanities without committing themselves to a full degree program. Please visit the Humanities Diploma program page for more information.

Visit the Humanities Diploma Program page for further details.

Canadian Studies Diploma Program

A country as vast, diverse and ever-changing as Canada offers near limitless opportunities for study and reflection. Multicultural and multilingual, with a unique political, economic and social history, Canada defies easy definitions and continues to fuel debate about its “identity” as a nation.

The Canadian Studies Diploma Program is a credit program, which means that course credits can be transferred towards an undergraduate degree. The diploma is suited to students who may wish to pursue further academic study at university. For more information, please visit the Canadian Studies program page.

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