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The Professional Specialization Certificate In Teaching French Immersion (PSC in TFI) is a 6.0 unit credit program administered by the Division of Continuing Studies, in cooperation with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the Faculty of Education, and the Department of French.

There are four courses in the program — one fluency course and three methodology courses. Two of the courses are offered on campus in Summer Session (July), two by distance in Fall and Spring terms.

The program is open to in-service and pre-service teachers. You’ll acquire the unique skills, methodological knowledge and French language fluency to be a highly effective teacher in the French Immersion environment.

All courses are taught in French.

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Entrance Requirements

An entry assessment of current fluency levels is required before acceptance into the program. We are now using the TFI - Test de Français International. This written and oral comprehension test takes approximately 2 hours.

What is the TFI (Test de Français International)?

The Test de Français International is produced by Educational Testing Services (ETS), the agency which also produces other standardized tests such as the TOEFL for English. The TFI is a standardized test widely used in Canada and abroad to demonstrate one’s level of proficiency in French. Click on TFI.

It is used by a number of French-language universities in Quebec to measure prospective participants’ entrance levels (much like TOEFL is for English-language universities). It is also one of the tests recognized by the French government for naturalization purposes.

You will receive an official TFI score certificate which can be used for a number of purposes.

Here in Victoria, a TFI score certificate is now required for the following purposes:

Cost of this test is $99 plus GST.

For complete information about the TFI assessment test, please read this pdf

 If you are testing for entrance into the PSC in Teaching French Immersion:

With a successful assessment, and application to or re-registration with UVic, you could begin in Summer Session, with one or both courses on campus (Modern French, and/or Organization and Instruction in French Immersion). Or begin in January, with Principles (online). Designs for Learning (online) is offered in the Fall, but please note the prerequisite of Organization and Instruction.

After your assessment, please apply online by selecting the “Apply Online” button on the top right of this page. We require proof of current teaching certification or enrollment in an education program, and a copy of your TFI certificate. There is an application fee of $50.

We conduct private TFI tests specifically for entrance into the PSC in Teaching French Immersion program twice per year at UVic in November and May. In the future, we hope to also offer private tests at a more central location on the Island, if there is sufficient demand.

If you cannot attend one of our private tests (November or May), you may choose to be tested in one of the public TFI sessions organized for the general public by ETS Canada. These tests take place each month on the same Saturday at all official testing centres in Canada — including Victoria and Vancouver. To be tested at one of those public sessions, you must register directly with ETS Canada.

For more information on the ETS dates, deadlines to register, location of testing centres and how to register, please visit the TFI website:

Click here to register for our private May 7th assessment test, at UVic. Or contact the Program Assistant at

Depending on Education Ministry funding, we hope to offer a bursary to currently certified teachers and to student teachers, on a course by course basis.



The Professional Specialization Certificate in Teaching French Immersion (PSC in Teaching French Immersion) will:


Where do the courses take place?

The certificate consists of four courses. Two are delivered online during Winter session (Fall and Spring terms), and two take place in Summer session at the University of Victoria campus.



Fluency component:

~~Modern French (FRAN475), on CAMPUS, Summer Session  (3 weeks, concurrent with Organization & Instruction) 

Detailed study of contemporary French, with particular attention to aspects of the language useful to immersion teachers.

And three Methodology courses:

~~Organization and Instruction in French Immersion (EDCI476), on CAMPUS, Summer Session (3 weeks, concurrent with Modern French)

An examination of current models for the organization and instruction of French Immersion students at the elementary and secondary level. Participants will define and to articulate those critical factors that ensure lessons and units of study will enable students to learn language as well as concepts/skills.

 ~~Designs for Learning (in French Immersion) (EDCI477), ONLINE, September to December

This course focuses on all aspects of assessment and evaluation within the context of Immersion’s language and content methodology. Pre-requisite:Organization and Instruction in French Immersion

~~Principles in Teaching French Immersion (EDCI475), ONLINE, January to April

Develop a solid grounding in the basic curricula and evaluation as required of the French Immersion program and an understanding of the similarities and differences between teaching in Immersion and in the English program. Emphasis is on how students develop literacy and numeracy in French Immersion while mastering the skills and concepts laid out in all subject areas as required by the BC curriculum.

Participants will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate the development of lessons that simultaneously achieve language and content/concept goals as well as on their ability to critique sample lessons and units of study suggesting, when necessary, modifications that would be required in an Immersion classroom.

Completion Requirements

The certificate consists of four courses. Two are delivered online during Winter session (Fall and Spring terms), and two take place in Summer session at the University of Victoria campus. You must successfully complete all four courses to receive the certificate. 

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Start Dates:

ASSESSMENT for Entry in PSC in Teaching French Immersion
Please contact us for the next testing dates.

Fee: $99 plus GST

Program Length:

Four courses, 6.0 units. Two of the courses are offered on campus in July, two by distance Fall and Spring.


For more information about this program, please contact the Program Assistant

Phone: (+1) 250-721-8944



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