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Professional Specialization Certificate in Heritage Conservation Planning


Please be aware that we are no longer accepting applications for the Professional Specialization Certificate  in Heritage Conservation Planning program. 

The undergraduate PSC program is currently being phased out and replaced by our new Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies

For more information on our Graduate Professional Certificate (including eligibility criteria), please visit our website at:

Students already admitted to this program will strengthen their ability to lead and facilitate heritage conservation decision-making processes by completing four courses leading to a Professional Specialization Certificate in Heritage Conservation Planning. Lively courses, designed for busy professionals, connect you with distinguished instructors and network you with colleagues from across Canada and beyond. Courses are offered either as six-day on-campus immersion courses or distance education offerings.

This useful, timely, and accessible program is designed to enhance your ability to:



Our courses are available in accessible formats to accommodate busy schedules.

On-campus immersion courses
These courses are offered in intensive six-day sessions, or in shorter “blended” sessions that include online components. To get you started on each course, you'll receive advance materials and a preparatory assignment to complete before your arrival. Normally, courses are scheduled from 9 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Saturday with occasional evening group work. Classes are small and emphasize interactivity through a stimulating mix of presentations, activities, field trips, guest speakers, and group and individual assignments.

Distance courses
Distance courses tend to be offered over 14-week periods. Learning at a distance has significant benefits - you can plan your learning schedule to balance professional and personal demands. You should expect to invest about 8- 10 hours per week for each distance course.

Choose your option
You choose the course format that best suits your work, life and learning needs. Regardless of the format, you'll interact with colleagues from across Canada and beyond in stimulating group activities while you relate your learning to practical issues in your workplace.

Completion Requirements

For those students already admitted to this program, you are required to complete four courses to earn the professional specialization certificate:

HA 489C Determining Significance of Heritage Resources- Examine the range of historic, aesthetic, social, and scientific values that establish the significance and character-defining elements of heritage resources, buildings, and cultural landscapes and strengthen your capacity to shape decisions relating to their preservation and conservation.

HA 489K Conservation in Context- Build your capacity to undertake heritage conservation planning and decision-making within the context of core principles and guidelines, international and national conservation charters, standards of practice and legal, programmatic, and financial incentives and constraints.

HA 489L Heritage Conservation Planning- Strengthen your understanding of conservation planning and decision-making principles and processes in the management of heritage resources.

Plus an elective from our HA 489 series relating to your professional interests. With topics ranging from the conservation of heritage structures to the preservation of maritime heritage and cultural landscapes, the elective enables you to focus your learning on an area of particular interest.

Determining Significance of Heritage Resources HA489C

Conservation in Context: Changing Historical, Theoretical and Operational Perspectives HA489K

Heritage Conservation Planning HA489L

Downtown Revitalization through Heritage Conservation HA489A

Studies in Building Conservation: Masonry in Historic Buildings HA489D001

Approaches to Historic Site Stewardship: Perspectives from Monte Alban HA489E

Register Cultural Landscapes HA489G

Cultural Tourism: Realizing the Opportunity HA489H

Apply Online Conserving Historic Structures HA489J

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