Indigenous Language and Culture


Aboriginal Language Revitalization Program


The award-winning and accessible Certificate in Aboriginal Language Revitalization is offered by the University of Victoria's Department of Linguistics and the Division of Continuing Studies in partnership with the En'owkin Centre.

The program is offered primarily through community partnerships with some additional course offerings on campus on at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre. Core coursework, combined with flexible elective offerings, enables individuals concerned with language loss, maintenance, and recovery to develop both knowledge and practical strategies for language revitalization activities across British Columbia and beyond.

Program participants include individuals working with First Nations and other indigenous communities in the revitalization and teaching of Aboriginal languages, or with agencies involved in the development and delivery of language and cultural revitalization policies and programs. Participants have included students from across British Columbia and as far away as Nunavut, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories who learn from one another as well as from experienced instructors and resource people.

We acknowledge with thanks the support of the First Peoples' Culture Council and the Aboriginal Special Projects Fund of the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education for their support in the development of the certificate program in Aboriginal Language Revitalization.


This  program is designed to strengthen your understanding of the complex context and characteristics of language loss, maintenance, and recovery and develop knowledge and strategies for language revitalization within communities. This program is designed to honour traditional knowledge and practices, to recognize and accommodate the realities and needs of diverse communities, and to provide a foundation for both language revitalization activities and for further study in education, linguistics, or other related areas.



You participate in the following coursework to complete your Certificate:

While some participants focus on completing the Certificate program on its own, others combine their learning in language revitalization with studies in related areas. The program can be taken concurrently with other programs or laddered into further studies in related areas, such as education, linguistics, cultural and heritage resource management.

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