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As someone who helps adults learn, you have the opportunity to encourage and model life-long learning.  UVic's Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) is an exciting, award-winning, professional development program for people, like you, who want to enhance their effectiveness as adult educators and trainers in:

Courses are offered on campus at the University of Victoria on weekdays, weekends, during the summer, and by distance education. Learning is accessible to part-time learners outside working hours.

What does the CACE program offer me?

  1. Career opportunity- take advantage of the growing demand for highly qualified adult educators and training professionals.
  2. Flexibility- study in a program designed to fit your life as a busy professional. 
  3. Excellent instructors- learn from some of the best adult educators in the country.
  4. Confidence- get the tools you need to enhance your skills in this award winning program.
  5. Options and Transfer credit- receive credit for courses you’ve already taken and apply CACE to professional designations.

Who qualifies?

It is recommended that participants have completed secondary school and possess a minimum of three years' experience working in adult or continuing education. If you do not meet these requirements but have appropriate and equivalent education and work experience then we still encourage you to apply.

Who should enrol?

The certificate is designed for those already working in the profession rather than for those entering it. Contact the CACE office if you are unsure of whether or not you qualify.

The Institute for Performance and Learning recognizes the UVic CACE program
The Institute for Performance and Learning, Canada's leading association of workplace learning professionals, sets the standards for training and development in Canada. the Institute recognizes that the University of Victoria's CACE program upholds the competency categories for the training and development industry outlined in the Institute's Competencies for Training and Development Professionals.
Students enrolled in the UVic CACE program are eligible for student membership with the Institute, and UVic CACE graduates are given a credit of one year towards the work experience requirement of the Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation.

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Learning Outcomes.

Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) graduates will be able to utilize effective methods and techniques to plan, conduct and evaluate adult education programs. They'll be able to promote life-long learning through the integration of knowledge of adult learning theory, issues, concepts and ideas into their professional practice.

Upon completing the CACE program, graduates will be able to:


Assessment in the CACE program consists of assignments that are meant to support students in making strong connections between the theory and practice. There are no exams. Assignment criteria vary according to the course and instructor. Typically there are set assignment deadlines but instructors are flexible when students approach them with the need to alter assignment due dates. 


The certificate consists of four required courses (EDCA100, EDCA200, EDCA300, and EDCA400), and a minimum of 4.0 elective credits worth of course work (1.0 credits = 39 instructional hours). Each semester, a selection of the required courses and elective courses are offered online and/or face-to-face at UVic.

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Distance Learning Online

Certificate courses are offered by distance education in each of the following terms:

Some distance education courses include only online materials while some require that students purchase a course pack of readings and sometimes a textbook from the UVic bookstore. You’ll participate in online discussions with fellow students and the instructor using a learning management system called Moodle. An internet connection is all that is required to access Moodle. You’ll be sent a URL and start-up information in the weeks prior to the start of your course. 

Students should expect to spend 8-10 hours each week on their coursework (readings, assignments, online discussion). You won’t be required to be online each day; usually two or three times per week is adequate.

Completion Requirements

CACE Program Completion Requirements.

The certificate consists of four required courses (EDCA100, EDCA200, EDCA300, and EDCA400) and a minimum of 4.0 elective credits worth of course work (1.0 credits = 39 instructional hours).

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Start Dates:

When can I start the CACE Program?

You can apply to the CACE Program anytime and you can take CACE courses throughout the year.

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Program Length:

How long do CACE students have to complete the program?

CACE students have 5 years in which to complete the program. After the 5-year mark, they may request a program extension from the CACE Program Coordinator. The Program extension fee is $50.


How much does the program cost?

Certificate distance education course fees are currently CAD$475 per 1.0 course (39 instructional hours) and CAD$355 per 0.5 elective course (18 instructional hours) (subject to change without notice). Face-to-face workshop fees vary. Please see individual workshops for details. More Info.


Sample the CACE Program before applying:

These sample sessions won't earn a CACE credit but they will give you the flavour of what you can learn in this great program: