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Exploring Aging through Film

In this course you will participate alongside undergraduate students who are taking the course for credit. Your instructors come from the departments of Geography, Psychology and Sociology and you will learn about each of these disciplines’ perspectives on aging.

The quality and nature of later life experience is changing, and so are attitudes towards aging. Older, healthier adults continue to contribute to society and engage in a variety of meaningful activities, and more and more of us are recognizing this new, emerging vision as our own. Through film screenings, readings and group discussions, we will explore these central questions: How is the journey through later life depicted in modern films? What are the implications of these depictions for modern society? How do these portrayals relate to the scientific data available on aging and development? Do these films reflect what we have learned and are learning about the aging process from those who have embarked on this later life journey? Do they ring true to our own experiences? We will watch four feature films: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Savages, Still Mine, and Beginners.

 This course is offered in partnership with UVic’s Centre on Aging.


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Course Code: ASHI504