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The Professional Specialization Certificate in Teaching French Immersion is a 6.0 unit credit program for in-service and pre-service teachers interested in teaching French immersion. It is administered by Continuing Studies in cooperation with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, and the Department of French at the University of Victoria.

In this specialized French teaching environment, you'll acquire the unique skills, methodological knowledge and French language fluency to be highly effective in teaching French immersion.

Completion of the program will:

  • provide a rigorous, accredited training program and certificate to native speakers of French and to teachers who aspire to be native-like speakers of French;
  • provide language assessment and career preparation for practicing teachers
  • interested in teaching in Immersion;
  • enable you to advance your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in teaching in the French immersion context;
  • provide a high degree of both written and oral proficiency to French immersion teachers, and heighten your awareness and knowledge of the necessity to continue to address your own language limitations;
  • provide you with the linguistic, cultural and attitudinal tools to move ahead in your profession.

Program format

The certificate consists of four courses. Two are delivered online during the Fall and Spring terms and two take place in the Summer at the University of Victoria campus.

Admission and completion requirements

You'll need a pre-admission fluency (oral and written) assessment. The assessment is free of charge and offered twice a year in May and November on the University of Victoria campus and by distance.

You are required to complete the four courses below to earn the Professional Specialization Certificate:

  • Modern French
  • Organization and Instruction in French Immersion
  • Principles of Teaching French Immersion
  • Designs for Learning (in French Immersion)

You may start the program with Modern French or Organization and Instruction in French Immersion, or Principles of Teaching French Immersion. Designs for Learning cannot be taken before Organization and Instruction in French Immersion has been completed.

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