Continuing Studies


Certificates and Diplomas

Some courses from different programs may be taken individually and still offer the chance to earn a valuable credit.

NOTE: Diploma programs are usually longer than certificate programs and require a larger number of courses to be completed.


Fine Arts (D)

Business, Management

Certificate in Business Administration (C)(O)
Diploma in Business Administration (D)(O)

Computing, Technology

Computer Based Information Systems (C)(O)

Distance Learning Online

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Health, Wellness, Safety

Environmental and Occupational Health (C)(O)

Heritage, Culture, Museums

Cultural Resource Management (D)(O)

Professional Specialization Certificate in Collections Management (PC)(O)

Humanities, History, Contemporary Issues

Humanities (D)
Canadian Studies (C)(D)

Indigenous Language and Culture

Aboriginal Language Revitalization Program (C)

Intercultural Education and Training

Interdisciplinary Diploma Program (D)

(D) = Diploma Available
(C) = Certificate Available
(PC) = Professional Specialization Certificate Available
(O) = Distance Learning Online Available

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Credit vs. Non-Credit Programs

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