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Canadian Studies, Current Issues, History and Humanities Courses

Studying the humanities increases your appreciation of ideas and various modes of thinking. In an increasingly complex world, humanities courses can help you develop a greater understanding of values within cultural and historical contexts.

Expand on your own life experience and perspectives as you search for new knowledge and ideas to shape your view of our changing world. You may choose from the many fascinating humanities courses the University of Victoria offers on local history, global history, current issues in the news and Canadian studies among others. Different learning and teaching approaches will help you draw on your life experiences to make studying the humanities a richly rewarding and engaging pursuit.

Humanities Diploma Program and Humanities Courses

The study of the humanities emerged from the human desire for knowledge and understanding of our history, classical traditions, literature, language, and philosophy. These studies encompass disciplines that address a variety of needs: to examine the ethical values in our lives, to examine our social responsibilities, and to develop intellectually sound ways of reflecting on what it means to be a human being.

The Humanities Diploma Program is designed for people with both traditional and non-traditional educational backgrounds. The prerequisites for this program are that you have some life experience, an interest in studying some area or areas of the Humanities, and a desire to deepen your ability to read, think, and write about what it means to be human. If you are accepted into the program, you will be admitted to UVic under special provisions for diploma students, as long as you meet the Language Proficiency Requirement.  Each student's program will be made up of courses totalling 18 or more units. Your choice of courses should focus on a particular area or topic of interest to you, within the humanities departments.

Courses in the Humanities, History and Contemporary Issues

Continuing Studies offers a wide range of courses related to the humanities. Individual courses vary each term and range across philosophy, spirituality, local history, global history, geography, popular culture, current issues, fine arts and so on. Visit the Humanities Courses page for a complete list of courses currently offered.

Humanities Diploma Program

If you are an adult considering returning to academic studies, this program offers a unique opportunity to attend university credit courses and earn a diploma in the humanities. It is designed primarily for non-traditional, mature students who wish to explore possibilities for study in the humanities without committing themselves to a full degree program. You must have sought and obtained admission to the University of Victoria. Admission takes place on the recommendation of the faculty coordinator and/or the chair of the program steering committee. Visit the Humanities Diploma Program page for further details.

Canadian Studies

A country as vast, diverse, and ever changing as Canada offers near limitless opportunities for study and reflection. Multicultural and multilingual, with a unique political, economic, and social history, Canada defies easy definitions and continues to fuel debate about its "identity" as a nation.

The Canadian Studies Diploma Program is a credit program, which means that course credits can be transferred towards an undergraduate degree. The diploma is suited to students who may wish to pursue further academic study at university.

Local and Global History, Culture And Current Issues

Continuing Studies offers classes, workshops, forums and lecture series on local history as well as global history, current issues, medieval studies, culture, philosophy, politics and religion. Individual courses vary each term. See what is currently available.

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