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Exploring Aging through Film

The quality and nature of later life experience is changing and so are attitudes.  Canadians are living longer than ever before. Older, healthier adults continue to contribute to society and engage in a variety of meaningful activities, and more and more of us are recognizing this new, emerging vision and experience of old age as our own. The impact of this ‘longevity revolution’ on how we live and understand our lives has far-reaching implications and is being re-examined by governments, researchers, and educators as well as those in the social sciences, arts and humanities.
Film, perhaps more than any other contemporary medium, offers portrayals of old age in a breadth of social contexts providing alternatives to the now-outdated views that equate aging only with decline and age 65 with the end of development. In this course we will explore the central questions:

This course is offered in partnership with the Centre on Aging and provides an opportunity for community members to explore these issues alongside undergraduate students who are taking the course for credit through the Departments of Geography, Sociology and Psychology. Over 12 weeks you will be exposed to: film screenings, reading and group discussions, and will reshape your perspective on the changing realities of aging and how they are portrayed in film.

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Course Code: ASHI504